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Patience, or the unlikely lessons tomatoes and World Cup teach

June 24, 2010
by Paul Jones

Patience. Is it the virtue of fools? In some circles yes. The carefree spontaneity of blasting through life taking each curve as it presents itself. Sounds wonderful, and be sure and let me know when I get to that point.

Life at this juncture isn’t like that.  Right now, with the change in job status and the home repairs and such, life is now about patience.  Waiting for that first domino to tip, so the chain reaction of things can culminate into what may be a finished product or another step towards a goal.  So that’s where tomatoes and the World Cup come in.  Great lessons here.  I have 6 tomato vines growing (and 2 bell pepper plants) and all have fruit on them.  Hard little green balls, just taunting me with the promise of BLT’s and Insalata Caprese.  But I have to wait.  I hate waiting, I want instant gratification.  But I will, because the payoff will come. I can see tangible evidence of something good coming in the future.

World Cup, shows that patience can pay off too.  The teams that truly have believed that to never give up, and play to the last second, win.  Those that know that patience is the key to getting the opportunity, put the ball in the net.  So it should be in life.  Patience, and playing the game will make opportunities come.  If you are patient enough, the other side might make the mistake that lets you pounce and score the winner.  It truly may not be the way of most people these days, but a little patience can move you a long way ahead.

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  1. June 25, 2010 8:06 pm

    I’ve never had Insalata Caprese before….what is it? :)

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