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Things I learned over the July 4th 2010 Holiday

July 5, 2010
by Paul Jones

Oh what a weekend of things!  It is tough to decide where the rant/rave fest should begin.  But you know, it probably came with more raves than anything, so I should count my blessings and be thankful.

Thing #1:  People are generally in too much of a hurry.  Slow down.  You wont get there much more than 10 -15 minutes earlier on a short trip.  The stress of cutting in and out of traffic, cursing the left lane bandits, and constantly watching for The Polizei can just make you nuts.  So why do it?  Now, I’m not going to be a speed limit hawk, but geez, I like my gas mileage, plus keeping an eye out for you nutjobs running like you are on the AutoBahn stress me out enough.

Thing #2:  You can’t pick your family, so enjoy what ya got. ’nuff said.

Thing #3:  Sometimes relaxation can be found fishing with nothing biting.  It’s all about the doing, and not necessarily about the end result.  I realized this weekend how much I missed fly fishing, and the simple joy it brings.  Got my son fishing too, with help from his Poppa Ronnie.  Kids may choose who they listen to for moments like this, so if you need to enlist a grandparent’s help, so be it.  It may just be the catalyst that creates the everlasting bond.

Thing #4:  Simple fresh food, cold beer, and lots of laughter with whomever stops by to visit can make a great gathering.  No pre-planning, no stress, no worries.

Thing #5:  When you are out on a boat, and are having fun, wave to your fellow boaters.  It is like we are all one big group.  We share the fun and connect in that little 3 second wave and smile.  Makes you feel like you are a part of a larger happening.  I was taught to always wave at your fellow boaters.  I always will, even if I don’t get a response.  It is the neighborly thing to do.

Thing #6:  The squeal of kids and good fireworks, both backyard (thank you South Carolina) and professional, is pure joy to behold and hear.

Thing #6.5:  Sparklers are hot.  Damn hot.  I have the burn to prove it.  Yes I know, but excited kids were in the mix.  Better me than them.

Thing #7:  This July 4th weekend I appreciated a little bit more just how lucky we are.  We can move freely about, enjoying simple pleasures.  We have flaws, yes, but we can enjoy things others on this big blue marble can only dream of.  Let’s take care of each other a little more, so we can pass that on.

Peace out, and a happy 2nd half of 2010 to you all.

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  1. Julie permalink
    July 5, 2010 7:53 pm

    You can’t pick your family but you can count your blessings they are never as bad as they could be! I found myself more proud to be an American than ever! I love our freedoms! Even the problems that come with them!

  2. Annie permalink
    July 5, 2010 8:59 pm

    You are not suppose to burn yourself silly!!

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