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This Not So Old House, continued.

July 6, 2010
by Paul Jones

So we all know us East Coasties are pretty much in a heat wave.  Basically August has set in here in dear old North Carolina in the June/July Timeframe.  Its warm.  However, it is not supposed to be as warm in the downstairs of the Jones Abode as it is outside.  The downstairs A/C unit is out.  So its time to start troubleshooting, before calling in the repair team, who happens to be on vacation this week, and is happily sipping beer in 100 degree heat in Philly at a baseball game.  Enjoy Mike!

I say to myself, “Self, its only a fuse.  You keep those laying around for just such an event!  Soon you and the dear family will be basking in the cooling wonder that is a 3 year old AC unit.”  The outdoor disconnect that brings power to the outside unit is not a fuse type.  The breakers on the main panel are all fine.  This means one thing left.  The Crawl Space.  My most hated place in this house.  I do not like it there.  It is not a pleasant place. It holds one of my biggest fears, spiders.  I don’t have a major freak out with them, but I just do not like them, Sam I Am.  I sucked it up.  Faced it, and went in.  The prospect of having the main living area of the house a couple of ticks below broiling is a strong motivator to face a fear or two.  I went in and did what I had to, explore.  All the electrical is fine, that I can analyze anyway.  So the call is made, and the repair people will be dispatched out here tomorrow.  So they can deal with the crawl space.

The good thing, it is still under warranty. Even better, we have 2 systems, and the upstairs bedrooms are cool.  Luck is with me this time.

I still hate the crawl space though.

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