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Slices of Time

July 8, 2010
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by Paul Jones

In a conversation with someone that I have really come to respect and trust, we were talking about that all important “Me Time”, or lack thereof.  I am really interested in how people “turn off”.  I know that for some that means getting away from work stress.  But does that really wind you down, or does it just get replaced by home stress, or vacation stress?  What I have forgotten, and have just had slapped back into my psyche by aforementioned friend, is we all need something we do just for us.  The individual.  That little slice of time you (I) can call our (my) own. In that slice, there needs to be something (or nothing).  If it is a something, then it needs to be something totally off the beaten path.  Out of the comfort zone.  That is a stretch for me.  But I will take it on.  One little step at a time.

I have always admired people that followed an artistic calling in their lives.  Whether its painting or pottery or photography.  (Is it me, or are there a lot of p’s in art?) The various muses that come calling on someone are as individual as that person.  So we need to listen to that call.  I have put mine on call waiting for so long, it stopped leaving messages.  I need to reach out and touch that calling.  The whole me needs it.

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