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A Note From A Consumer

July 12, 2010
by Paul Jones

Being a rather active consumer of things, both tangible and internet, I appreciate good, functional design.  I also have a soft spot for design that pushes limits, and stretches imagination.  The cool factor if you will.  However, there are instances where less is more.  Give me more instructions, and less glitz.  Do not make me have to hunt around for things that appeal to a fairly good size sample of your customer base, even if its not the latest, greatest thing that is sweeping your marketing team off its feet.  People like me pay good money for some of your legacy services, and I know full well you still support them, because the service is still growing.  What I needed isn’t sexy, but it is important.  To me.  Your customer.

The good support of services you offer, all of your services, is just plain good old taking care of business.  You look after all of your clients.  I guess in today’s changing markets, with innovation and trying to be the next big thing, the basic foundations of your company lose out to the attempt to make the big splash.  You have the view that your client base are like lemmings, following just to have the latest thing.  Well, some of us still like the older stuff.  Plus we have money that might find its way into your coffers, if you choose to let us spend it easily.

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