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July 13, 2010
by Paul Jones

Having cleaned out the attic for re-insulation, we have started sorting the boxes of important stuff and getting them out of cardboard and into plastic. Among the things I found, photo of me and date to 8th Grade Dance, High School pictures and graduation stuff, and several envelopes of college memorabilia. Eagle Scout stuff. Letters from long passed relatives, and friends. Several pictures of me and people whose names have vanished from my immediate memory, but I can place myself at the function, hearing the music, and the silly dances we did in the 80’s. The Mullets.

That flood of memories, was fun. I have been blessed to this date, with many, many things. I must keep remembering that.

And to some of you who were there with me during those years, I haven’t started scanning those pics. Yet. 😉

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