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This Not So Old House Update….

July 21, 2010
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by Paul Jones

Well, its been a busy week since the insulation was put in the attic.  (MUCH MUCH cooler in there too, can’t wait to see power bills!) Christmas boxes and some other stuff has been returned to the rightful storage places, and now the hard work of the bonus room repair can begin.  There is a large trailer in the driveway, courtesy of GoJunkGo.  ( I think they are only in Winston Salem, but I am sure there are like services elsewhere!  I have started the tossing of just trash that has come into my life. The obvious stuff that just needs to be removed, because there is no longer a good use for it, for me or anyone else.  I have donated the usable, its time to send the trash out.  The physical removal of things that no longer have a usefulness, or are just plain junk, is somewhat cleansing of the mind as well.  I can see clearing of more than just the garage floor, but the path that I need to lay out in the next phase of my professional life as well.  So who knows, as the drywall comes down, and the carpet gets ripped up and tossed out, what lurks behind the wall or under the floor that will reveal itself.  (Just hope it is not something that is or once was alive)

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