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Risk (aversion)

July 27, 2010
by Paul Jones

Having lunch with a long time friend this week and catching up after a much too long divergence in life paths, gave me reason to think of several things about life.  One of the primary things that has stuck out is how over time, the aversion to risk in life diminishes.  Through our own maturation from wild college age nutcases, to helicopter parents, fearful our kids would do the stupid stuff we did, we protect.  Maybe even too much.  With my own professional life being at a multi-tined fork,  directions pointing in ways more resembling a bowl of tossed spaghetti, I have found my own tolerance for life risk has ebbed.  A Lot.

I feel that it is a combination of things:  the ego bruising of an unplanned parting with an employer, the realization that sometimes what seemed like a good choice in career road gets too bumpy, etc.  Those experiences add up, and can color the view in front of life.  What does it take to wipe clear that color bias, so that risk can be of a growth benefit versus that of fear to the point of always staying safe.  It takes a re-ordering of the experiences in the past to be more like a base of knowledge to enable us to have the confidence in our own selves, to make a leap forward.  An experience safety net, if you will.  The net can also be the network of trusted people in life.  So lean on it, and believe that your net of people and experience will catch you.

Man up Jones, your safety net is there, we got choices to make.

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