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Have to, versus want to… an opening statement….

July 30, 2010

Motivation.  Urge. Desire.  All point to the same thing.  Get off your tush and go!  So my question is, how do we generate that drive.  I realize that there are some things that just plain have to be done, as in go work to support yourself and dependents.  But what about other drives.  The desire to relax, or the drive to keep your house clean.  Are they to the point that its an obligation, like a job?  What drives us more to achieve, the drive because we have to, or because we want to.

My intention, is to get more of what I am driven to do in that because we want to category.  By moving more from the because we have to bucket, then what may be tedious could become less so, and therefore more good energy gets put into it.  How can we move more of our obligations into the want to bucket?

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