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More notes from the Redneck Riviera….

August 12, 2010
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by Paul Jones

Myrtle Beach, with 14 million annual visitors, offers quite the people watcher’s dream.  I have seen more slices of the varying types of humanity that inhabit our great Earth.  I probably should have paid attention to my Sociology classes more, so I could take an academics viewpoint, but nonetheless, here are a few tidbits.

Men should not have toe-rings.  Ever.  Especially not if you are over 35.  Very Especially not if you are over 60.

Parents:  I know its fun to use a cast net and catch the different types of minnows out in the breakers.  It is even more fun to share the bounty of our seas with your children.  But letting your children drag the poor minnow all over the sand, or letting it die a slow death in a bucket of mostly sand with a little water is not teaching good stewardship of a declining resource.  Use the minnow for bait, but not as seagull food.

Skin cancer warnings have no effect on people.  They will tan if they want to.  I say let them.

There are lots of people exercising in the mornings, and most of them are very friendly!

Coffee tastes better on the porch with the waves in the background.

Municipalities around here are finally getting smart and banning smoking from the beach.  Even as a former smoker, who enjoyed many smokes on the beaches in my time, I do not want your nasty-ass cig butts on the sand.  These are public beaches, and the wildlife and people life appreciate a clean beach.

Even with all the people, and the buildup of houses/condos/mini-mansions as well as the junk-tique shops, and other commercial enterprises, you can find a little solace under the umbrella in a rickety chair.  The sounds of laughter at the beach, mixed with roar of ocean, is a soothing tonic.

Salt-water can be restorative.

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