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Change Change Change…..

August 16, 2010
by Paul Jones

It is that time again.  Almost time for school to start (resounding hoorays from parents, groans from the kiddos).  I am mixed about it actually, this was a good summer home with my son, brought on by a change in my career path.  It has been a good break, to try and figure out what trail should be the next to follow.  I feel like I have made some inroads into my heart and soul, about what I want to do with my career life.  (Where is that genie with the three wishes, late again!) So that is a change area too. My wife aka She Who Must Be Obeyed, has job related change going on as well, as the market forces that her company is dealing with seem to vary daily, and they have to match that.

So right there, change is occurring for the 3 members of the Jones household.  Each has benefits and stressors for the person involved directly, as well as the individual effects on the other family members.  Over the years, we seem to build up reactionary methods to deal with change.  But what is preventing us from a proactive method?  We know school is going to start. So plan for it.  Well, that is easier said than done.  All the other stressors, from the other sides of the family, impact that.  The web grows.  But you can prepare, and plan, and try and be smart about the change.  Every time something rears up unexpected, it is change.  Don’t over plan, that just adds more of a chance to drown in details, but you can generalize.  Having a few plans in place, is a good start.

You might even be in control of the change….

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