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Success! A Customer Service Win.

August 18, 2010
by Paul Jones

Ok, so this morning, the internet service to the house was out. An inconvenience yes, but not a major catastrophe. (Except for the 11 year old). So I call MegaCableCompany and expect to be on hold forever. 1 minute of automated menus, and I was speaking with Diane. (Diane had strong Asian accent, so I guessed a call center not within US Borders). She was very pleasant, and attentive to my problem. Proceeded through usual steps, and upon her pinging our cable modem, she realized that it was a neighborhood problem, and sent a service ticket in. Seems Lightning had scrambled things. So that was that.

I was feeling froggy, and we are looking at re-doing landline telephone service, so I had Diane transfer me to sales. This time, I believe, I was stateside. Very pleasant individual, not pushy (!) and answered my questions. I could not believe my ears. No high pressure sales tactic. Gave me what I wanted, and seemed interested. So twice in the same call, I was treated as a customer, nicely, and without a lot of hoohaa over things.

Maybe there is hope after all.

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