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Face time.

August 26, 2010
by Paul Jones

Having the pleasure of attending a meeting today of a group called Linking Winston Salem,, one of many realizations came forward.  Face time is invaluable.  In today’s hyper-connected world, we sometimes lose the value of good old sit next to one another and share.  Face time.  The interaction between people In Real Life.  In the three hours or so that people were gathered, I realized more how important human contact is.  The exchange of thoughts, ideas, laughter,  and information.  The Twitter feeds, Facebook updates, and LinkedIn notes will become much more valuable if you have had the opportunity to shake someones hand, and look them in the eye.  The common theme among marketing in Social Media is engagement. Getting to look someone you have only known by words on a screen in the eyes is a top flight way to engage.

Make the most of it.  The old slogan “Reach out and touch someone.” makes for a powerful impact these days.

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