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September 7, 2010
by Paul Jones

In a great conversation over the weekend, the subject of travel times came up, and as one person said, “This is a 15 minute town. You can be just about anywhere in 15 minutes.” It is a good thing. After thinking on it some more, I thought more about how much my home has changed over the 43 years I have lived here. (Note, I am a Winston Salem Native, only leaving for ((ahem)) the 5 years of college in Greenville, NC)

What strikes me the most is the momentum. We have a good thing going with all the vibrancy downtown, and the festivals and other activities that are cropping up. We as a community must take advantage of them, and actually attend them! Show up and participate! It is a quality of life thing.

I remember the Street Scenes of old. The Steeplechase in its glory years. (and gory ones too) If someone goes to the trouble of promoting an event that you think would be fun, then go!

I plan on taking advantage of all this area has to offer. Even if it means driving a little bit further than the 15 minutes.

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