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Customer NoService, Directv edition

September 13, 2010
by Paul Jones

Yep, I am naming names this time.  This one has me more disappointed than mad.  I have been a loyal Directv customer for 11 years, and up until today, had great customer service.  Today’s foul up has rubbed me the wrong way.  Not because of the actual screw up, those happen all the time, it is the fact that no one will own up to the mistake, and act reasonably apologetic.

The brief is this:  several weeks ago I called in the order to get service from the dish to the Bonus Room.  We were also needing to replace one of the dvr’s as it is on its last leg (noises sounding like the AFLAC duck coming from the hard drive is never a good sign).  Both services are also getting HD.  It is a reasonable job.  They were having to schedule 3 weeks out, which I understood, its NFL time, and there are a ton of people switching services and adding HD and such.  I was ok with that, as we needed to finish the project.  Last Friday, I got a followup email from Directv reminding me of the installation time on Monday (today) from 12-4.  Perfect.  Had morning meetings and things, and was home by 9:45.  2 messages on answering machine (they had my cell number, but called house instead).  Technician was at house at 8:00 and left because no one was home.

After several phone calls and call backs, I get someone from the contract installer, who blames Directv (who blamed the contract installer).  After piddling my day away waiting, I have to call Directv back, to get another message to the contract installer, who then calls me back and says, oh, forgot to call, we can put you on stand by service.  Might be Tuesday or Wednesday.

There is a time and a place for outsourcing.  To me, this is a perfect example where outsourcing is not a good idea.  In the long run, might cost more customers than it keeps.

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  1. Miranda permalink
    March 13, 2011 4:35 pm

    There is no reason to be placing blame on either the outsourced company or DirecTV, but they are both equally guilty as they work hand in hand. I have been a long time employee of DISH and I don’t see why the technician would have been there 4 hours early, and how that is your fault?! There is no excuse for it! I am sorry you had this experience, and if there is anything I can do for you please do let me know, I will be more than happy to answer questions for you!

    • March 14, 2011 10:57 am


      Thanks for your comments! Good customer service can be achieved if everyone communicates. I think in this case the system broke down, but no one would take any initiative to rectify it. I think that example has to come from the top, and be a culture of the whole system of company and vendors.

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