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End of Summer transitions

September 19, 2010
by Paul Jones

This weekend marked one of several transitions that happen this time of year.  This one in particular is a small, rather innocuous one, yet it got the gears in the brain whirling, if just for a moment.  This task, was the removal of the tomato plants.  It was a fairly good summer for tomatoes at the Jones house, (home of the lazy gardner).  We enjoyed several tomato sandwiches, caprese salad, made sauce.  All in all worth it.

What got me thinking though, is how I got lazy as the summer wore on.  Did the minimum to keep what I would use ripening, losing a lot to blossom end rot, bugs, and critters that like to take a bite out of each ripe fruit.  It made me realize even more that with just a little extra effort, the fruits of life can yield a larger harvest.  I have promised myself to tend that garden of life a little more actively.

What little extra will you do?

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