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New York – Whoa.

October 12, 2010
by Paul Jones

Movement.  That is my one word to describe New York City.  Wife and I just spent 3 days there, as a celebration of her putting up with me for 16 years.  We were unabashedly touristy.  It was a heck of a lot of fun.  The things that we got to do were, to us, great experiences.

The staff at The Kimberly Hotel, in the 50th St & Lexington Ave area,  were exemplary, and the room and atmosphere were excellent.  I highly recommend this hotel.  It is a boutique hotel, and the rooftop bar/restaurant was a very nice place to have a nightcap.

The view from the Top of Rockefeller Center is worth the ticket price.  We were there just after sunset, and the nighttime lights of the City are quite impressive from the 70th floor!  I would like to see that again during the day time.

The American Museum of Natural History is huge.  We spent 3.5 hours in there, and maybe wandered through 2 halls, and the IMAX show on Hubble is good viewing.

FOOD! We ended up having 2 different Italian dinners, Saturday at Nocello, after the show Wicked (awesome show) and Sunday we stumbled onto a little place called Emporio, in the SOHO/Nolita area.  Both are divine, reasonably priced (for NYC) and have their own quirky ambiance.  The staff at both were very patient with our questions! Lenny’s Deli near the AMNH is a gem too.

Those are some highlights.  We did the Staten Island Ferry, walked all through Chinatown (wigged me out a little), saw Brooklyn Bridge (one of my fave places) and generally knocked around.  Subway was cleaner than I expected, and we were lucky not to run into any service issues that cramped our style.  Cabbies are a stitch.  The one taking us to the airport to fly home preferred the centerline as his lane.  Wife and I both just closed our eyes.

NYC is constantly on the go, and everything said about it is true.  Everything is there.  One could sense the unlimited opportunities that a large city possesses, but then the despair of not having anything is always lurking nearby.  It is quite apparent that NYC can bring you great things, if you work for them, but it can eat you alive if you get careless.

I look forward to going again.  Soon.

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