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Pushing forward

October 19, 2010
by Paul Jones


Sometimes frustration can get a hold of you like a noose around your neck. If you do not push out of it, and remind yourself that it isn’t personal, you can find yourself spiraling into a pit.I have found, that it is simpler just to shake it off, and keep pushing forward. Move away from the task that is building the frustration, and knock a couple of things off the honey-do list. Get a sense of accomplishment, and that boost from seeing something finished. That usually blows that cloud off that is keeping the smog of frustration in. The clear air helps.

Keep pushing forward.

Support comes from behind you

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  1. Safety Dance permalink
    January 17, 2011 5:27 pm

    Why is it that 5 of 6 planes have exhaust? Hmmmm.

    Perhaps the lead plane is just holding it in.


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