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A Social Life

October 27, 2010
by Paul Jones

Today at a networking event I had the opportunity to attend, a presentation was made giving an overview of why social media has become important to business interaction with clients.  One thing I took away from the talk was that interaction with customers is as important now as it ever has been.  Well duh, you say.  I have been doing that for years, you say.  Ok, maestro, how WELL do you know your customer?  Do you know enough to really get past the gatekeeper that is still has the key?  You know what gets you past that?  Knowledge.  Personal knowledge.

Sales 101 taught you to get personal with your prospect/client.  Know birthdays, spouses, kids, etc.  You kept it in your binder on the client or in later years in a PDA or whatnot.  Most CRM’s still have places for that info to be inputted. You have though, at your disposal, Facebook, the ultimate record keeper of things personal.  It is important for you to build the rapport and TRUST, with your customer, through this media.  You can open yourself up a little, and invite your customers in, then they in turn, will invite you in.  You then have broken the ice.

Its a big dating game.  You get out of it, what you put into it.  Social media is a tool.  Use it.  Have it in your tool box, and maintain it regularly.

I am using it in my job search, and it is so much more productive that casting about on job boards.  Its all about the relationships.  Build them.

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