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Being Neighborly by being smart…

March 21, 2011
by Paul Jones

Typically I reserve this space for questions or affirmations.  Today is the rant.  I am going to give neighbor benefit of the doubt, just because I am nice that way.  Here is the synopsis.  We needed to have 20 dead red tips removed from the back fence line, which is on the border of a 40 ft wide by 100 ft long power line easement.  I worked with all the neighbors on our side of the easement to allow the tree folks to get in and do their job.  All was going smoothly until today, when they arrived to bring down the remaining 10 trees, and chip all the branches and things into mulch.  They have one of those big chippers that you see cities and tree people use.  I get a panicked phone call from my tree guy, and it seems there is a pile of dirt, and a trench dug right in the path of where they needed to drive through on to my property.  In the next door neighbors easement.  That I had permission for them to cross.  This was by neighbor diagonal to us, and not in the path of any of my tree work.  To add insult to injury, they had tossed all the dirt from said trench on to the neighbor that is directly behind us.  (confusing yes, but think of a foursquare court, and all of this happening on the middle line.)

No help from trench neighbor.  Wouldn’t answer door.  Wouldn’t respond to dirt pile neighbor asking.

So morale to this tale, and something I will preach from the rooftop if given the opportunity, (and stable platform).  “Know your property lines”

The stakes from our survey, 15 years ago, are still there.  That way we all know.  Its not a bad thing, or a rude thing, to agree on where your property begins and your neighbors ends.  In fact, it, like fences, make for great neighbors.

I will yank my survey out and make proof if need be.

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