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Dogs, and owners.

April 26, 2011
by Paul Jones

The news here of a small dog being attacked and subsequently killed by a larger dog has rekindled a feeling in me of rage.  This rage is against irresponsible dog owners.  In this case, a pit bull was living in a condo,  along with 2 poodles.  The victim dog was a 5lb mix of Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese.  I have owned terriers my entire life, and all of them have a spark when it comes to other dogs, so I can only imagine the hackles being raised when this particular incident was unfolding.  I am deeply saddened that it has turned out this way.  But, I am also going to call out the owner of the pit and poodles, for keeping them in a condo.  That is wrong.  Large breeds such as that need space to roam, and being cooped up in a small space can increase anxiety and a need to be active.

If you need canine companionship, that is your choice, but be smart.  There are tons of dogs that are suited for condo living.  I have 1/2 acre, and still have to take my 3 dogs (chocolate lab, shorthair pointer, and Scottish terrier) for walks to get them the change of scenery.  This is after they have spent the bulk of the day outside.

We as humans cant bear being in small spaces for extended periods of time.  Imagine an animal that needs the outdoors.  I adore dogs of all breeds and mixes.  The owners I have issues with are those that think they have to prove something by having a dog trained to be viscous.  If that kind of dog comes after me, my family, or my dogs, the owner will be the one I go after.

Be smart.  Raise your dogs to be good neighbors.


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