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Dogs, and owners, additional thought…

April 27, 2011
by Paul Jones

I wonder if the story of the Morkie and the pitbull would have gotten as much traction if the attacking dog had been one of the poodles that were in the same condo, or any breed other than a pit?  Every dog has the potential to do that, and any owner that does not believe that should be throttled.  Yes, they are domesticated animals, and most are as docile as they come, but…  when provoked, instinct takes over.  It takes constant reinforcement and training.  Dogs, and pets of any type, are a commitment, just as much as kids are.  Companions, friends, and sidekicks.  But also need constant training and reinforcing of those lessons learned.

I was attacked by a collie when I was 4 years old.  This was a well known, neighborhood dog, that knew me well.  It bit me several times, and the owner could not control it.  The dog turned on me, because I pulled her tail too hard, and instinct kicked in.  Lesson learned at an early age, and one that I have carried forward.  Dogs require common sense.  If you don’t want the risk, get a fish.


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