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Dubious Anniversary..

May 10, 2011

One year.  I have been away from the outside workplace for a year now.  What have I learned?  I think there are several lessons that have swirled around my brain.

1.  It has been a great year with our son.  He is now 12, and approaching the dreaded teen years that will cause him to avoid us like we were infested with something.  I have been given the opportunity to be really involved on a day to day basis with him.  That experience has been invaluable.  I have a better appreciation now of the struggles people have deciding on whether or not to be a stay at home parent.

2.  Housework is a pain in the rear.  Keeping house and all that it entails is a pain in the rear.  Even with help, its overwhelming at times.

3.  Self examination can take some twists and turns.  Not a day goes by that I examine where I am, and wonder if I should go back to school or try to get certified in something.  Most positions that are opening up have some sort of skill requirement. What I do encounter daily is the dreaded purple squirrel.

4.  Patience.  Whoa this is a biggie.  Trying to not be over anxious about hearing back from applications or worrying when things that seemed promising go silent.  It is the way of hiring these days.  Several HR offices are inundated with applicants, and just do not have time to respond.  It still just leaves an empty space.

5.  Perseverance.  Just keep looking under rocks and you will soon find what you are hunting!  Quitting the search doesn’t get you where you want to be.


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