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Old dog – New Trick

May 20, 2011
by Paul Jones

A couple of weeks ago, I started a self defense class.  This is after years of watching The Kid go through Tae Kwon Do for a while, and now Karate.  He is seriously enjoying the karate classes, and feels at home.  So being there 3x per week you start to feel the call.  The little voice whispering (ok, shouting) “Get off your butt and do something.”

Admission:  I am not an exercise do it yourselfer.  If left to my own devices, 1403 things will be prioritized above me doing any kind of on my own exercise.  But, if I have an appointment to keep to exercise, then I usually follow through.  One other reason I chose this particular one is the people that teach it.  Awesome folks, several are the same that teach The Kid his classes, so I know them, and how they instruct.  Goodness knows if they can corral a bunch of rambunctious kids every week in a karate class, they can deal with this mid-40s schlub with creaky ankles.

Well two classes in, and I have had an awakening.  It is incredible.  (if you want specifics on the class itself, contact me)  What I have found in the last two weeks is a pretty simple, yet powerful thought.  I can. The class I am taking is not without pain.  The warmup alone is enough to induce muscle failure and nausea, but its worth it.  The techniques are practiced, and practiced, and practiced, at close to full strength with a partner.  I am bruised and sore, you take a punch or kick at times,  but its immaterial compared to what I am realizing inside in my heart.  There is a desire to finish that I have not felt in a while.  Even in the midst of gasping for air, and wondering why the hell I signed up for this, the bell dings in my head and the overwhelming thought floods in… Dang that felt good, lets go again.

Seeing a little success in what you are being taught can spur motivation.  That may be the trigger for more…

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