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Reflections on another passing of a school year…

May 24, 2011
by Paul Jones

Well its all over but the shouting.  The Kid is in the final week of 5th grade.  This one has marked a unique year for him, (and us, his parents).  In his school, 5th grade is Middle School.  They have lockers, have to dress out for PE, change classes with different people in each class, and mingle some with 6-8 graders.  The safety net of elementary grades has shrunk considerably.

That net shrank for parents too.  I found myself searching out parents whose kids have been through this grade before for advice.  For every question answered, sometimes 3 more would arise.  A lot like life itself right?  Just as the 5th graders have this year long introduction to how middle and high school works, both in the classroom and in the halls, we as parents learn a new step.  We are learning how to land the helicopter some and let our children grow on their own.  Let them taste how good a great success tastes when it was all of their own doing, just as much as the occasional thing gone wrong has a bitterness to it.

It was not the perfect year by far, but it has been a good one.  Do I look forward to 6th grade?  Yes.  However there is a little no in there too, because our son is growing up, and time seems to have kicked itself into overdrive.  Make the most of it.


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