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More beginning of summer/end of school thoughts…

June 8, 2011

On class behavior.  What is the better method, single out the troublemakers so the rest of the class can attend the function, or just not let the kids go because of the potential that a few disruptive types would do their thing?  I am on the side of singling out the bad eggs.  There was an event that a grade was not attending due to the POTENTIAL discipline issues of a few kids.  Why punish the whole for the POTENTIAL actions of a few?  If they have a track record of behavior issues, then deal with it proactively, and involving parents.  Schools as a whole have become so scared of esteem issues and lawsuit happy parents that they do not educate on life, and its left to the playground to teach lessons like that.  Is that the right way?  I don’t think so.

On the subject of niceness, why is it, that when people get into their cars, they become the rudest folks on the planet?  What is it about sitting in our 4 wheeled box that gives an overreaching sense of entitlement?  An event that happened earlier this week has sent me down this path.  I was at a rather busy intersection, ferrying The Kid to karate class, and later, me to self defense class.  We were at a rather busy intersection, and it was, of course, rush hour.  One of the panhandlers that work this intersection approached my vehicle, and was asking if I would let a very elderly man in a huge car, pull out of a corner MegaDrugMart and cross three lanes to in front of me to make the left turn.  I said sure, and and stopped well short of the man’s car, so he could pull into the turn lane in front of me. As the light changed, the poor man, obviously confused enough as it is, froze, and couldn’t decide where he should go.  This created a momentary lapse in the flow of traffic.  MAYBE 15-20 seconds…  and I am getting stinkeye and fingers, and horn blows for trying to be civil and helpful.

Well, you know, I was raised to be nice to people, and will continue that.  I will do the same exact thing the next time I am asked, and if you don’t like it, then you have issues, not me.  If sitting through another light cycle is going to wad your pants that bad, you have much much bigger issues than being able to charge through an intersection.  One day, you will be trying to turn out, and someone will be an ass to you, and you will feel that sting.  I can guarantee it.

The first of our tomatoes are turning pink.  I am SO jazzed.  Now just have to be patient, and let them ripen….  Anticipation…..


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  1. Sarah permalink
    June 8, 2011 10:06 pm

    Second for pull the trouble makers out and let the class go. I had a teacher once who based a whole class going on an extended recess based on everyone getting multiplication table corrections correct. Guess who didn’t get the winning answer correct? Me. The teacher made a HUGE production about “Sarah’s the reason we aren’t going to recess. Sarah should learn her math. You all can thank Sarah later.” Don’t punish others for a single persons actions.

    • Paul Jones permalink*
      June 9, 2011 9:43 am

      Why is it so bad to have a little individualized discipline? If done that way, instead of in lazy GroupPunish, it sends the right message. The whole being punished for the actions of a few just creates more strife and bullying when the adults are not looking.

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