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Notes From the Trip #3

July 10, 2011

Athens.  It was not in flames or in massive area of destructive youths terrorizing anyone standing still.  Yes there was evidence of some unrest, an increase in graffiti on government buildings and banks especially.  According to one of our cabbies, we drove past the National Gardens and there were demonstrations going on.  Mostly families with kids gathering.  No tear gas needed.

Was nice to get a local perspective of the turmoil going on.  Fiscal mismanagement in an age of unchecked corruption.  We as the USA might should pay more attention.

Athens was a gracious city, with welcoming people.  It is 4 million people, with the whole of Greece being just 10.5 Million people.  We followed the herds and toured the Acropolis.  It is everything you see in photos and more.  The scale of the place is amazing.  We were awed by the craftmanship, thought and artistry of 2500 years ago.  The Acropolis museum is a treasure, and should be taken in a full day, much as the Smithsonian or Louvre.

Just a quick note to say that Athens is alive and well, and, despite the unrest, was a beautiful place to have a day.

West Side of Parthenon

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