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Notes from the trip; Mykonos, Greece

July 11, 2011

The posts have been somewhat bouncy, but today marked a day where we were in Postcard Greece, and I have a bit more time to write, and think.   Situated east of Athens, in the Aegean Sea, it is temperate climate, but windy.  Today was no exception, sustained winds of 25 knots while on shore made the strong sun much more tolerable!  Not a cloud in the sky, and the sapphire colored waters truly make the islands around Mykonos seem like diamonds in a sapphire necklace.  (the ship’s quote, not mine!)


I can agree that the views in Mykonos are astounding.  The white architecture, with shades of blue and red are emblematic of the Greek coasts.  The buildings are situated close, with streets of stone.  Narrow passages lead off in myriads of directions, and street names are non existent.  This, as history anecdotally states, was to assist in invasion by confusing the attackers, but it also serves as a wonderful wind break.


There is a strong Venetian influence in Mykonos, stemming from the end of the 4th Crusade to the 16th century, when the Turks captured it.  Many signs of Venice are here, with a number of Catholic churches along side the traditional Greek Orthodox.  Even under Turkish control, Italian was the official language until 1830.

As is seen elsewhere in Greece, dogs and cats are plentiful, but also this fella sat with us some during our lunch stop.  Most of the pelicans around these islands are pink.  He was quite tame, and would let you get close for photos!



Mykonos is known as a party place, and there seems to be bars and tavernas on every turn.  Judging by the number of ships and people about, I imagine it is a wild place after sunset.  Might be a need for all the churches…

Icons abound, in and outdoors.  Most notably are the famous windmills.  The constant breezes were well utilized in Mykonos, and windmills were everywhere.  Nowadays, electricity rules, and these are for show.   But they are a great sight.



Saying goodbye to Mykonos, we steam for Turkey.  To the deserts of Kusadasi, to view sights that were seen thousands of years ago.  This trip so far has been a historical feast!  (And food and drink are good too.

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