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Quiet, in a form…

August 25, 2011

Quiet.  It is what was the first thing I noticed yesterday, after getting back from the carpool lane.  The Kid started 6th grade yesterday, after a summer of putting up with me!  I think, in his own little way, he was happy to be back in the school environs.

The house was eerily quiet, as the dogs were all outside snoozing in the cool morning air.  The only noise were the constant motor hums of appliances and the A/C.  No movement, no kid laughter.  At first, it was a little unsettling, and then it washes over me, and I relax.  The nervousness I chose not to admit I was having about his first day back went away.

Then the OhMyWordThatsBig to do list waved at me.  But the silence was both relaxing, and inspiring.

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