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September 15, 2011
by Paul Jones

Oh, well, hi blog, its been a while.  Yes I have not posted but you know, sometimes the words just can’t form thoughts that I want to put out for public consumption.  Think of it as a brain full of stuff, yet you cant get a door open to haul it out.

On stuff, I am feeling the need to purge.  I get this way sometimes, and I start looking around the house and just want to pick it up, shake it out, and get rid of things and start fresh.  Dumping.  I want less.  However impractical that is, and now as soon as the family reads this I will be locked in a room to protect myself from me!

Anyway, I get these feelings that I hold on to things longer than I should.  Is it a sign of procrastination?  The “Oh put it here in this stack so I will deal with it later.”  Or is it a lifetime of Boy Scout training in “Be Prepared”, so if you have something you might need down the road, you do not throw it out?  Where is the happy medium?

You are not going to see us on Hoarders, so do not get your hopes up, but there are things around that we just do not use, and someone else might have a need for.  Hence the waffling back and forth of “Do I need this, REALLY?” will start to play out.  I might start with the easy stuff.  Magazines, and papers.  They have dates.  They have uses (taxes, etc.) What is not needed can recycle.  Paper makes up a generous amount of clutter, and getting shed of it really shows accomplishment.  Paper piles in the recycle bin is tangible proof of decluttering.  Can it work for a brain too?

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