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The List of an Accident Prone person

September 30, 2011

This post from the lovely and gracious Katt, has a blurb on it about her dumbest injuries.  Well, after reading that, and making a comment, she challenged me to list my forays into idiocy, that may or may not have resulted in a trip to the local ER.  Over my lifetime, in various incarnations, I have had 120 or so stitches, but the only bones I have broken have been various toes, and a finger on my left hand.

My accident prone ability has led me to injure myself in unique ways:

– Had a 1.5 inch finish nail driven into hand by gas powered nailer.  The nail hit a knot in the wood I was nailing and did a u-turn, right into my hand.  (Adult age)

– Tripped over a dog while running around in driveway, and fell into side of house.  Corner made of rough brick met my head.  Had to have that one stitched up.  (Child age)

– Fell off moving vehicle on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, SC.  On Easter Weekend, at the old beach music festival they had there in the 80’s.  I have road rash scars in various places.  (college, need I say more?)

– Sliced small part of thumb off chopping an onion.  (Adult)

– Dumped FULL pot of freshly made coffee onto self as a 5 year old.  The day after my mom came home from hospital after giving birth to my brother.  2nd & 3rd degree burns.  (Child)

– No real feeling in pads of 4 fingers on left hand, as I burnt them on a bread pan at work.  (Adult)

There are others, that may or may not be wise to tell about here…  Some stories are best left for in person telling.


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  1. October 26, 2011 10:45 am

    Haha! These are great! I changed mine to a widget on the side bar since I have a feeling it will be an ongoing list. What fun is life without all the mishaps? :)

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