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What’s your style?

March 29, 2015
by Paul Jones

Walton QuoteIn the continuing search for my next professional career opportunity, I participated this week in an engaging chat with a potential employer. Through the normal course of conversation and questions, I was asked the question of “What is your management style?”. This is not by any stretch an unusual question, (I was asked one time, “How many quarters would it take to make a stack as tall as the Empire State Building? My answer was, ‘Are they stacked flat or on edge?'” I didn’t get the job.)

This has led me to think over the past couple days a little deeper than I could during a phone screen. What is MY style? It has evolved over the years, as experience, mistakes, successes, and a little training here and there all have taken root. I was in the early days a “my way or the highway” type, with my hair on fire all the time. Not good for physical or mental health. Nowadays, I feel more collaborative. People are hired to do a job, give them the tools they need to succeed. Listen to your people. Guide them, not by force, but by what motivates them. Give praise in public, constructive criticism in private. Nothing new and earth shattering. Give respect. It is pretty simple when you think about it, as your staff are humans, just like you.

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